The music begins—slow in tempo. A desire wells up inside . . .

The very pair of eyes you seek meet with your own. A hand extends, resting gently on your hip, then pulls you closer as you sway in delicious unison to the song.

Slowdance® is about bringing together two passions: our chocolate is paired with a select ingredient, then cave-aged. What happens next is a little bit mysterious, a little bit romantic, a little bit enchanting.

Over time, something wholly new is unleashed: in a shimmering, delicate swirl; a spirited, lively dip; or a smooth, sensual curve—flavor dances on your tongue.

Since 2013, our Slowdance® chocolate has been released as limited edition offerings. The collection comprises orange peel (Zest), honeycomb (Swarm), Buddha’s Hand (Embrace), vanilla-cinnamon-habanero (Crescendo), coffee beans (Pulse), grapevine leaves (Hedonism), cacao nibs (Polka Dot Bikini), rose petals (Blush), French lavender (Rendezvous), and Jimmy Nardello pepper (Ciao, Jimmy).

In October 2021, we will be releasing Dig it!: the treasured truffle d’Alba finds itself buried again, this time in our Dominican Republic deep milk chocolate.

For 2022, we have queued the music for a dazzling new array . . .