The music begins—slow in tempo. A desire wells up inside . . .

The very pair of eyes you seek meet with your own. A hand extends, resting gently on your hip, then pulls you closer as you sway in delicious unison to the song.

Slowdance® is about bringing together two passions: our chocolate is paired with a select ingredient, then cave-aged. What happens next is a little bit mysterious, a little bit romantic, a little bit enchanting.

Over time, something wholly new is unleashed: in a shimmering, delicate swirl; a spirited, lively dip; or a smooth, sensual curve—flavor dances on your tongue.

Since 2013, our Slowdance® chocolate has been released as limited edition offerings. The collection comprises orange peel (Zest), honeycomb (Swarm), Buddha’s Hand (Embrace), vanilla-cinnamon-habanero (Crescendo), coffee beans (go-go!), grapevine leaves (Hedonism), cacao nibs (Polka Dot Bikini), and rose petals (Blush).

For 2021, we have queued the music for a dazzling new array . . .

Rendezvous: destined to beguile at any hour, French lavender dallies with our Peru dark chocolate. (May release)

Ciao, Jimmy: an homage to Jimmy Nardello and the eponymous heirloom chili pepper, which imparts a vivid, ravishing accent to our Trinidad dark chocolate. (August release)

And last but not least, Dig it!: the treasured truffle d’Alba finds itself buried again, this time in our Dominican Republic deep milk chocolate . . . (October release)